CRASH, Model Road Warrior

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MI: Do you like your moniker? It basically describes who you are, right?

C: Yeah, I travel a lot! I usually do about 2 shows a month, that’s really all my body can handle.

MI: What do you perform?

C: I do fetish shows.

MI: That’s awesome. We have a lot of Maidens who are performance artists in addition to being models.

C: There’s a lot of cute girls in the contest, and I’m really excited about competing for Maiden of the Month!

MI: What do you have tattooed on the backs of your thighs?

C: They’re letters, and it says evil on one thigh and cunt on the other. I love the word cunt, it’s a good word! I also have a back piece, and actually it’s the 3rd cover up I’ve had on my back. This guy started and before you know it he’s falling of the face of the planet, and then someone else finished it but it really wasn’t what I was going for. Lucky for me I was able to find Boom Bad Apple tattoo shop in Las Vegas. He’s the one who did what I have there now. I am very lucky—I had a full back piece that was already covered up.

MI: It looks like your back piece isn’t completely finished yet…

C: It looks like a dog bit me or someone shot me. But I love them, they’re my scars, part of my life. It’s from the suspension shows. I do so much damage to my tattoos, that my tattooer’s like, “why don’t you come back when you’re done with the shows?”

MI: Tell us about your suspension shows.

C: I think a lot of people, when they hear about the suspension thing, automatically think that there’s something sexual about it, or that I like pain.

MI: Like masochism.

C: Everyone has their own ideas. For me, it’s about pushing my limits, pushing my mind and body in extreme situations and overcoming it. I’ve been doing suspension for 4 years, not long. But I’ve been around the industry for a long time. I had a boyfriend 10 years ago who did it, and I’ve always had friends doing it. At one point, I was in this different place in my life, and I was like, fine, sure, fuck it, show me what it’s all about.

MI: And the rest is history?

C: I fell in love with it. And I found out I have a high tolerance for pain. Scars are just an unfortunate byproduct.

MI: Did modeling quickly follow?

C: I’ve only been doing it for 2 years. I never really wanted to be a model. I’m not really comfortable with the word, model.

MI: How did you get started?

C: I’d been doing this extreme performance art, and I was living in Columbus, OH. It’s crazy there! It’s the biggest Suicidegirls hub.

MI: Really? I always assumed it was Portland!

C: Anyway I was there, and it happened through friends’ photographers I was inspired by. They said, hey let’s take some pictures, and I was interested in creating beautiful images that I wanted to associate myself with. I wasn’t dying to be a model, some pretty girl in front of a camera. I got lucky, to make it into a job, and I love being around artists, truly creative people.

MI: Where did you do your shoot with Steve Prue, and how did you get connected with him?

C: Brooklyn, it was in Steve Prue’s studio, and it was the first set we ever took. He is just full of piss and vinegar and I love him. We were stalking each other online for a while. He was shooting with a girl friend of mine, and the entire time she was shooting with him, she was telling him how great I was and so he sent me a message on Twitter.

MI: Steve Prue’s a awesome photographer, and your set for Maiden of the Month is amazing, so good luck to you! And thanks for the interview!

Straight Outta Hell City, Maiden Rourke!

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My name is Amanda Rourke and I’m a 22-year-old alternative model from Columbus, Ohio (Home of Hell City!). I’m in the running for March Maiden of the Month hosted by Metal Ink! I am also a Suicide Girl. I am a cocktail waitress and I love going to concerts, conventions, parties, events…I love being social! I also love staying home and baking (my secret passion), watching horror movies, snowboarding, road trips, and random shenanigans. I love to have fun! You can find me on Facebook and Myspace and catch me running around at conventions 🙂

There are so many GORGEOUS girls running this month! So honored to be in the running for Metal Ink’s Maiden of the Month!! 🙂

❤ Rourke

Ssshhhh! Silencia Speaking…

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Howdy! In the internet world, I am most commonly known as Silencia Suicide. (You can find me on As much as I’d like to regale you with wondrous stories about my life, I think I’ll just invite you to read about what I think we’re all here for: skin and tattoos. 😉 So let me throw this out there – I hate getting tattooed. It’s painful, pricey, and did I say painful? But I love the way tattoos look, so all the pain and shiny pennies I throw at having colorful skin are just sacrifices I am willing to make. Exhibit A:

Tattooing may cause bleeding. Things I’ve learned over the years of getting tattooed: 1) Don’t drink a shit ton of coffee before getting tattooed. 2) If you’re a woman and about to start your period, you may bleed more during the tattooing process. 3) Never get tattooed on an empty stomach. 4) Scented lotion is the devil. 5) Having one regular tattooist that you love to go to is pretty damn awesome. Now, as far as my tattoos go, my back piece is the tattoo that gets the most attention.

(Done by Ryan Mason) What is it, you ask? Well…it’s a bearded Virgin Mary and reptile Baby Jesus, of course! I’m obsessed with religious iconography, but not in the sense that a devout Catholic would be. Catholicism scares the shit out of me (as do circuses and carnivals), yet I am drawn to the imagery. I pitched the idea to Ryan, and after several arduous tattoo sessions (spread over the course of a year), we completed what I sport on my back today.

I do have other tattoos:

And my most recent:

If you’d like to see more pictures of my tattoos, check me out in this month’s Maiden of the Month Contest. I, as well as 14 other mega-babes, are in the running to be your favorite maiden for Metal Ink. Thank you for reading. And a huge thank you to Metal Ink for this fabulous opportunity.

Love and some other shit,

Chernobyl, Tattoo Apprentice & Metal Ink Maiden

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This is the last Maiden of the Month Contest. Help bring it back by purchasing tattoo inspired shirts. Support the artists and Maidens and SAVE METAL INK!


Ah geez guys! Well hello, I’m Chernobyl and there are so many hot babies here it is hurting my head!

Chernobyl for Metal Ink

I’m a tattoo apprentice currently going for my BFA at Art Fag University and I’m CANADIAN! I like to have fun, but who doesn’t, and I think I can look pretty darn good in a beard if I do say so myself. I have done the alt porn model thing for ( for a few years and you know friggen what? It’s time for one of my babies momas over there to win this shizzle! So get in the Maiden room and give some good ratings for my fellow GG’s such as Mia, Hezzy and Crash!


P.S. If anyone wants to send cheese cake as a consolation prize, I’ll gladly take 2nd or third ;).

Chernobyl for Metal Ink

Dipsycho, a Tribute to Pin-Up Art

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This is the last Maiden of the Month Contest. Help bring it back by purchasing tattoo inspired shirts. Support the artists and Maidens and SAVE METAL INK!


I was born on April 16, 1988 in LIMA, Peru. I am dedicated to pin-up art, with photographs and alternative fetish models. I have had a career in fashion design, with a 50’s style rock and roll and psychobilly, and another in graphic design. Now I’m living in Barcelona, Spain. So for any contact, we can meet there. I am a person with many tattoos, and my style is the alternative.

Dipsycho for Metal Ink

I love pin-up art, psychobilly music, tattoos and hot rods (yeah retro alive!!). I am currently a candidate for Suicide Girls, which is one of my favorite pages.

Dipsycho for Metal Ink

I have had the opportunity to model for magazines in France, USA, Germany and South America. There are several pages where I can be found:

I like traveling and, like I said, I am currently in Spain. I am happy to be in Metal Ink because it is a website that promotes tattoos and creativity, beauty and photos of girls.

Dipsycho for Metal Ink

Dipsycho for Metal Ink


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We Need



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to Be Paused…

Dear Members of Metal Ink,

It is with deep regret that we inform you of a sudden change in events. Due to lack of funding, our Maiden & Design Contests need to be paused until further notice. For now, our last Maiden of the Month contest will be March and our last Design Challenge will be “Everybody Loves Maidens.” The winners of these contests will be awarded $300 in store credit only.

We hope that in the near future, we will be able to bring back both contests in full. To that end, we are asking for your support by launching a campaign to SAVE METAL INK!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Purchase Metal Ink apparel. Remember, a percentage of our sales goes right back to the artist who submitted the design.
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Tell us how you feel by posting on our Forum. We would love to know your thoughts on how we can improve our products and services!

Metal Ink Crew

Bisous, Noémie XOXO

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Don’t forget to vote for the new tattoo inspired designs on Metal Ink! There are already two entries for Design Challenge #3. Make sure to check out Beast of Beautiful Love by Raven and Gypsy Queen by Quakerninja. They are both inspired by former Maidens and they are awesome!

Also, make sure to look through the online shop and support Metal Ink. There’s a great selection of tattoo inspired clothing by artists like these that make these contests possible.


Hey hey! I’m Noémie, a French artist who lives in Paris, the city of love <3.

I have worked on TV for 3 years. I'm also a musician in "Virgin Princesse " and "Fuck me twice", and now, I'm a Metal Ink Maiden!

Noémie for Metal Ink

I found the idea funny, so I decided to participate. I must say that all of the girls are sooooo lovely <3, but I hope to be the Maiden of February! Talalalala!

I've also been a Suicide Girl for 3 years. I make videos and mix at parties. Why SG? Yes, I love girls without clothes and with a lot of tattoos and, most of all, a great big personality!

Noémie for Metal Ink

Hope you’ll vote for me everyone! 😉
❤ Noémie called "the chipie"

Noémie for Metal Ink