7 Days Left in New York

Have only 1 more week here, and I mean to make the most of it! Attended a Mashable event last night that was amazing! Heard speakers talk about how to market effectively using social media. It made me feel happy and proud to know that Metal Ink is already doing most of what was discussed (like monitoring the brand’s presence online and being prepared to engage with users).

However there’s always room for improvement! One takeaway that really struck me was “Become a curator of content in your niche”. In other words, aggregate content that’s relevant to us, authoritatively. First of all, I need to admit that when it comes to body art and modification, I’m a complete novice. What I do know has been filtered through tv, film, the usual media suspects. I decided what I need is a 101, straight from the source. My idea is to visit as many tattoo shops as I possibly can in my last 7 days here in Manhattan. I’ll blog and tweet about the experience. Follow Metal Ink’s twitter page at twitter.com/metalinkshop

The plan is to go and talk to real tattoo artists, tell them about Metal Ink’s design and Maiden contests (see more at metalinkshop.com), ask for a link exchange, and learn about the craft. Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas for marketing/promoting, like hosting an event in-store or in-shop, as it were!

The first step is to come up with a list of shops. I’m planning on using Yelp as a guide for which shops are the most popular…if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears!

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