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Our 1st Special Design Challenge!

Posted in Design Challenges with tags , , on September 18, 2009 by metalinkshop

We’re calling for designs inspired by BAMBU, winner of our June Maiden of the Month contest!

Submission Guidelines

Designs should be focused on creativity, as we are looking for original art inspired by Bambu’s image and/or tattoos. You may choose to depict Bambu herself or create a design based on Bambu’s ink. Again, creativity and originality will count most, so try to avoid simple designs, such as copying Bambu’s tattoos.

Deadline to submit designs: October 31
Deadline for voting: TBD


Each design that gets selected wins:
* $700 cash
* $300 credit
* Residuals from T-shirt sales (more details here)
* Automatic entry into our Design of the Year contests

Ideas & Inspiration

If you need ideas, just go to the Metal Ink Gallery to view Bambu’s photo shoots. Note there are 2 shoots here, one with Bambu modeling our apparel and the other with Bambu showing off her ink close-up (see bottom of page). You can also check out Bambu’s Myspace page and her guest entry our our blog!

Email Metal Ink if you have any questions, and good luck!

Bambu bedroom