Jimiyo Talks Shop with Metal Ink

Happy Munday! Actually, we are super excited this week…because it’s the end of the month!!! That means a new Maiden will be selected on Thursday, October 1st, and a new contest will start as well! If you haven’t already, hurry and rate the September Maidens before time’s up!

We interviewed Metal Ink member Jimiyo who recently won $1,000 for his design “Mother III.” Jimiyo is a seasoned designer and you won’t want to miss his tutorial blog full of Photoshop tricks and tips!

Check out Jimiyo’s shirt (which only costs $19!) and support our designers! If you’re interested in submitting a design, read our 5 Easy Steps to Participate!

Metal Ink design contest winner Jimiyo

Metal Ink design contest winner Jimiyo

MI: How did you find out about Metal Ink?

J: If I recall correctly, Quakerninja had a thread or t-shirt post at a popular apparel designer hangout emptees.com. I followed the links and entered the contest. BTW, you guys actually rejected my first design so I came back with a more refined and original design. I appreciate that you guys have a high standard. It’s easy when you are a starting a website to accept mediocre work just to start the product line.

MI: You’re a popular designer on lots of t-shirt design sites. What do you like about Metal Ink and how it compares to the others?

J: The site is well crafted, and the presentation is very clean and professional.

I like that your product line is niche even with the photography. When I visit Metal Ink, it’s not only for the art, it’s for the photography, so it’s almost as if your product line goes beyond just the shirt.

Personally, I was excited a site that caters specifically to the tattoo genre was created, because it is my preferred content to illustrate.

MI: Your design “Mother III” was one of the first printed designs. Congratulations! What was your inspiration behind it?

J: Thanks for the opportunity to get it printed. I don’t think it would have found support on any other site.

I enjoy creating Lady Guadalupe/Mother Mary/Day of the Dead imagery. I’ve been creating them for a couple years ever since I saw some tattoos of similar content online a few years ago.

The evocative broodiness of the portrait attracts me, and I also enjoy the background information on the symbolism of Mother Mary, and the representation of sacrifice and suffering that she represents.

Eternally Grateful 7

Eternally Grateful 7

Sullen Mother

Sullen Mother

MI: What advice would you give to a tattoo artist who’s crossing over into design and thinking of submitting work to Metal Ink’s design contests?

J: Create work on relatively large, quality, illustration board, and find a suitable person/service to scan it cleanly and in high resolution. Lots of natural media work can translate onto apparel fairly well if done correctly. You just can’t take a pencil/pen sketch on a 8 x 10 piece of paper and expect it to come out well.

Consider the shape of a t-shirt canvas. It’s very different than a body, poster, etc.

MI: Will you be participating in the Design for Bambu challenge?

I’ll have to check it out. I need something to give me the impetus to create new artwork, and that $1,000 booty is pretty nice.

MI: Awesome, hope to see your submission soon! We’ve also got a Horror themed Design Challenge coming up! Details will be posted here on the blog this Thursday…

J: The other day AT WORK I was like, “hrm, I will check out the Metal Ink blog.” So I saw the top banner, and I was like… “Dizang, artfully naked babe, Hell Yeah!”, and then I scrolled down, and I was like “Oh Snap..”

I closed the window, looked around to see if anyone at work saw me, cause you know…

You have bare T n A on your site. LOL. Very hot.

Ed Hardly 500

Ed Hardly 500

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  1. Sweet interview and the hot chick helps.

  2. Awesome Interview

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