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Rate HORROR! themed designs!

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Happy Halloween! We compiled all the awesome designs submitted for the HORROR! Design Challenge to make it easy for you to vote!

Enjoy & remember, the HORROR! Design Challenge ends on Oct 31, so get your designs in before it’s too late! Voting ends Dec 31.

"The Bride"
“The Bride” by Stein.hansen

"Samurai Spirit"
“Samurai Spirit: The Undead Soul” by Raven

"Jack My Lantern"
“Jack My Lantern” by sidewinder72

"Oblivion Beckons"
“Oblivion Beckons” by Quakerninja

“Heads…Up” by Fatmouse

"Undead Moon"
“Undead Moon” by David_M

"Vampire 2046"
“Vampire 2046” by jun087

Metal Ink, “Leader in bringing body art to the mainstream”

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Always exciting to get press! Metal Ink was featured in an Online Strategies Magazine article about online communities. A big thanks to author Marty M. Fahncke. The section on Metal Ink is posted below. Or you can read the full article here:

Metal Ink
Metal Ink is the world’s first tattoo-inspired, crowd-sourcing, graphic T-shirt company.

Metal Ink is an interesting case study, because the community is, essentially, the product.

The 4,000 (and growing rapidly) members of Metal Ink are not just customers, but community members who also create, promote, purchase and evangelize the products. They are a self-contained community of product developers, marketers and customers.

Community engagement is encouraged through creative submissions, photo contests, cash prizes, product creation and active involvement.

What are some of the benefits of establishing an online community for Metal Ink? Metal Ink is now seen as the leader in bringing body art to the mainstream, product development costs are minimal and the community provides a built-in distribution and customer base.

According to Gloriane Yi, marketing manager for Metal Ink, the most important thing a business should know when thinking about leveraging a community is that members value authenticity. “They instinctively know when something is being artificially manipulated or covered up. For example, you need to be okay with allowing members to say anything they want in the forum–even if it’s negative. In the end, the members are there because they signed up to be part of the community, and to suppress their voices would be detrimental to the end goal of growing the community.”


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The October Maiden of the Month contest is ending in 5 days! Hurry and rate all 17 inked hotties, before it’s too late!

Today we have Maiden Glitch making a guest appearance all the way from la belle France! Give her some l’amour by logging on and voting for her on the Rate Maidens page today!

Glitch for Metal Ink_1

So I guess you could say I don’t model too often on other sites except for SG, because I luv what they stand for: re-defined beauty. When Metal Ink got a hold of me to enter a contest with other gorgeous & equally inspiring women, I definitely jumped at the chance. I was really into such a creative concept. I thought that having the model’s ink on shirts & voting for designs was a great way for the artists to be inspired & the fans to be a little closer to the models they loved. Both shoots were total DIY style, but, for the second I borrowed a fancy camera & played around with the settings that day. I had fun modeling the cute little thong & comfy white tank. Hope you guys also enjoyed it enough to make me a winner!!


Glitch for Metal Ink_2

Shake That Thang!

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Lady Gamer joins us today with a fun interview about her passion for bellydancing! You won’t want to miss the video of her dancing at the end of the interview. Also rate Lady Gamer’s pictures on Metal Ink and see all the other October Maidens today! It’s a close race, but there’s still a few more days to get your votes in!

Lady Gamer for Metal Ink

MI: How long have you been dancing?

LG: I’ve been bellydancing for 7 years. I started when I was 16, but I’ve always danced. Since before I can remember, I have danced. I started with ballet as most young kids do and kind of worked my way up from there.

MI: What is bellydance, in your own words?

LG: Bellydance is a lot of different things. It was created many years ago and as with any folk dance, its roots are uncertain. There are many opinions though, as well as disputes! I think there’s a little bit of truth in them all, but I prefer to think about what bellydance is today. Today there’s a lot of different styles of bellydance. You’ve got your traditional styles, which is more what people think of when they hear the word “bellydance”, and you’ve got your modern, less traditional styles such as Tribal Fusion and Gothic Bellydance. I perform and teach Tribal Fusion, but I’ve studied many different styles. A teacher should stay open minded to them all.


MI: What is Tribal Fusion bellydance?

LG: Unlike more traditional styles of bellydance, Tribal Fusion gives you the opportunity to fuse many types of dance together. It originated from American Tribal style and grew in popularity at an amazing rate. It incorporates elements of popping & locking, hip-hop, breakdance, Egyptian and cabaret bellydance and often also draws from Flamenco, Kathak, Bhangra, Balinese, and other folkloric dance styles. Tribal Fusion can be dark and earthy or light and bouncy…with me, usually it just depends on my mood.


MI: Why did you choose bellydance, or did it choose you?

LG: I’m going to get a little emotional, but that’s a good question. When I was growing up, I always had a problem with my self-esteem and body image. When I began bellydancing during high school I had no idea about the huge effect it would have on me in the future. Bellydance helped me feel great about my body. Instead of putting you down for your weight like I experienced with ballet, bellydance embraces all body types. This really boosted my confidence. I was such a shy child and now I perform on a daily basis and teach my own classes! I can for sure say that bellydance had a positive impact on me. The skill, concentration, and muscle control it takes to bellydance has given me something great to work towards and seeing your own improvement from month to month is gratifying. You really feel great about your achievements. Another awesome thing about bellydance is that the older you get, the better your skill becomes! Your career could last as long as you want it to because bellydance is so wonderful for your body.

MI: Thanks for sharing your inspiring story! Btw, really loved the video clip–your dancing is so sinuous and beautiful!

Bellydance video

If you want to learn more about bellydance, please visit these links!
Lady Gamer’s website:
Tribal Fusion Bellydance:
Find Teachers Near You (worldwide):

Meet Jessie-Lynne–dog lover, animal rescuer and October Maiden!

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We spoke with Jessie-Lynne, in the running for October Maiden of the Month, about her love for animals and her rescue mission that almost prevented her from submitting her photos in time to participate in this month’s contest! If you haven’t yet, go to Metal Ink and vote for Jessie-Lynne today!

Bella & Niblet

Bella & Niblet

MI: Thanks for doing the interview with us. Just want to give the background to our readers first. Your photo submission for the October Maiden of the Month contest came in right at the deadline, and the story behind it is really interesting. You were on a 10-hour long car ride to rescue a dog?

J: Yes, that’s when I picked up Nibles, my new Pom!

MI: That’s so special! How did you find out about him?

J: I’ve always been for rescuing animals and fostering animals from shelters. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 5 years old!

MI: That’s super young!

J: My mom’s vegetarian too.

MI: So you were imitating her as a little girl? Cute!

J: Not exactly. One day I was eating chicken nuggets at McDonalds, and I ate into a vein. I asked what it was and my mom was brutal, more brutal than she needed to be. She didn’t sugar coat; she showed me books that talked about slaughter houses and factory farms. To me, even at that age, it felt wrong, so I haven’t eaten meat since. When I was growing up, I wrote numerous reports on no kill shelters. It’s just something I have been interested in and passionate about.

MI: Tell us about your new dog.

J: The dog we just got was a breeding dog most of his life and the thing that’s sad and that most people don’t realize is that most dogs sold at pet stores are from puppy mills. It’s sad how they’re treated just like livestock, because there are no laws. So the farmers look at the dogs as livestock. It’s really big among the Amish community, and if you watch puppy mills documentaries, you see how the dogs aren’t kept in the home, and they’re often debarked.

MI: What’s that?

J: Debarking is where they put a sharp object or a pipe down the dog’s throat so that they can’t make noise.

MI: That’s so awful.

J: The dog that we just got, chances are, it hasn’t been out of his cage in his whole life. It’s been in a 3×4 foot box its whole life!

MI: How is he adjusting?

J: He’s starting to open up now, and it’s really rewarding.

MI: How did you find out about him? Niblet?

J: I check quite frequently; it’s a habit of mine. Niblet was on there for a few months and no one had rescued him so I took a chance drove 10 hours out to Iowa, which is like the middle of nowhere. We had to drive down a gravel road! I live in Chicago, and I don’t usually drive down gravel roads.

MI: So someone had already rescued him from a farm?

J: Yes, we got him from a rescue group and they do a great job! I rescued my other Pom, Bella, from another rescue group in the Detroit area.

MI: How are Bella and Niblet getting along?

J: Poms are great in pairs! They’re getting along well, except for when Niblet’s sleeping and Bella’s trying to sidle up next to him. He doesn’t like that too much.

MI: Does he try to nip her?

J: He doesn’t have any front teeth! So sometimes I call him “Gummy bear.” *Laughs.* It’s kinda mean.

MI: It’s so cute! That what Pomeranians look like anyway, little bears! Thanks so much for your time, and best of luck in the October Maiden of the Month contest!

If you want to know more about animal rescue and puppy mills, please visit the links below!

Links: (The rescue group that saved Niblet) (How Jessie-Lynne found Bella & Niblet)





Meet October Maiden Joanna Heart of Doll Patrol!

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Happy Friday! Today we talked with October Maiden Joanna Heart. She’s the lead singer of the band Doll Patrol, and she’s also a model in the running for the October Maiden of the Month contest! Vote for Joanna and check out her photos on the Rate Maidens page & listen to Doll Patrol on iTunes!

Joanna Heart, lead singer of Doll Patrol

Joanna Heart, lead singer of Doll Patrol

MI: What was your first tattoo?

J: When I got my first tattoo, I was 15 years old. My mother forbade me to get it. I went with my cousin. My cousin is this Marine guy, and he passed out. I was like, oh my god, you’re such a wussy. I got a rose.

MI: Did he get a rose as well?

J: No, he got a little Chinese character.

MI: Nice emphasis on “little.” Did you feel pain?

J: It’s not bad at all. I’ve stubbed my toe and it hurt worse! And then when you’re done, you have this awesome piece of art on you. I have a strategy for getting tattooed. A tattoo strategy. Always have to have Coca Cola on ice so it keeps your blood sugar up.

MI: What’s the longest session you’ve ever had?

J: The longest was 4 hours. My back piece took 11 hours total. It was like two 3-hour sessions and one 4-hour session. He also added one flower afterwards so it was like an hour and a half. Took almost 12 hours for my back piece!

MI: That’s amazing. What did you do the whole time? Just drink Coke?

J: *Laughs* I’m like Tank Girl. I watched it when I got my 4 hour session. It’s hardcore; she wears military boots, she’s got a shaved head, she’s rad.

MI: Tank Girl’s a movie? Never heard of it.

J: Yeah, it’s a cult classic.

MI: You certainly are multi-faceted! So going from Tank Girl to Doll Patrol, do you write all the songs yourself?

J: I sing and write all the melodies. On stage I don’t play instruments, but I play guitar.

MI: Where do you get your inspiration? What are some bands you like?

J: The Cure. I absolutely love The Cure. They’re my favorite band of all time. I don’t sound like them at all, but they drive me. I also get my inspiration from fashion and pop culture and just what’s going on in the world. Actually every single one of my songs is about people who have been in my life. Some of them still are and some aren’t. The thing is, I’ll never tell who I’m singing about. But I wonder if people recognize themselves!

MI: Tell us about your new EP.

J: It’s called “Self-Tidaled Wave.” It’s a kind of play on words. It’s like when it comes down to it, it all comes down to you. Everything you do makes you who you are. It’s all about your actions and what you make happen.

MI: Love it!

J: I worked with this guy who works with the Fray, Warren, and he rocks! My favorite photographer also shot the album cover. His name is Brion Topolski.

MI: How did you find him?

J: I found a piece of his work and sent him an email. He said he would shoot me whenever I had something big going on. For the last 2 years, I’ve been waiting for the right time.

MI: Your cover looks amazing.

Self-Tidal Wave

Self-Tidal Wave

J: We did this crazy shoot with 200 red balloons. I love Brion, he goes all the way! He takes my breath away, he’s unbelievable. That’s the great thing about creativity is sharing and creating your vision with other artists.

MI: Whose idea was it?

J: It was my idea totally. I was thinking of when I was a kid and I saw 99 Red Balloons. It’s silly but it was part of my 80s childhood so I brought it up and he said, “Forget 99 red balloons. We’ll use 200!”

MI: Self motivated and kick ass. Just like Tank Girl!

Joanna Heart_pinup1

Joanna Heart_pinup1

Joanna Heart_pinup2

Joanna Heart_pinup2

Watch Qetza Craft His Bambu-inspired Design!

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You don’t want to miss this amazing video!

qetza's Bambu-inspired design

qetza's Bambu-inspired design

To get more info on our Design for Bambu Challenge, see this earlier post. To see and rate all of the submissions for the Design for Bambu Challenge, go to Rate Designs at