Our Newest Addiction: Rydell, Metal Ink’s 1st Designer/Maiden!

Rydell is a super hot designer who recently submitted her work for the Design for Bambu challenge! We recently called her in Alberta, Canada (cell phone bill’s gonna look gruesome this month) and discussed her dual design and modeling careers! You won’t want to miss Rydell’s entry in the November Maiden of the Month contest!



MI: How did you find out about Metal Ink?

R: I know some of the other girls who were on the site—Glitch, Kraven, and I’ve seen Radeo’s pictures from the shoot she did for Maiden of the Month.

MI: Are you also a Suicide Girl?

R: Sure am!

MI: What do you like about Metal Ink?

R: I like that you can send in designs. A lot of girls who are on SG have jobs besides modeling.

MI: Do you work in graphic design or illustration? I ask because you submitted a design for the Design for Bambu challenge. You’re going to be the first Maiden to also be a Designer!

R: Well, I’m going to participate in the November contest, but yeah I can’t wait!

MI: Your design, “Bambu Eyes,” is beautiful. I really like it, especially the colors you used. Can you tell us a little about how you came up with the idea?

Bambu Eyes by Rydell

Bambu Eyes by Rydell

R: I took Bambu’s profile picture off of SG which had a good close-up of her eyes. She has a lot of great tattoos but they’re spaced everywhere and it’s kinda hard to put on a t-shirt, unlike Radeo who has tattoos that are easier to put on a tee.

I traced over her eyes using Illustrator, gave her a little eye shadow. Photoshop is good but I don’t like it for making t-shirts. I used to work at a t-shirt company and I used to do screen printing and design, I did all the graphics and applied it. I found that for making t-shirts, Illustrator is easier to use.

MI: Bambu does have beautiful eyes. I love that you’re going for an ’80s look–it reminds me of that popular design with the eyes and red lipstick! Is that what inspired you?

R: No, actually, but someone else mentioned that. She called it the David Bowie eyes.

MI: Someone on SG? Did you talk about the design on your SG profile?

R: Yeah I have a link to the design.

MI: Cool, that’s the way to do it—get your friends to vote for your design. Can you tell us about your favorite tattoo, and the story behind it?

R: Probably my favorite is the most recent one I just got. I just finished one of my sleeves. It’s a sugar skull. All of my tattoos are symmetrical and mirrored, by the way.

MI: Is a sugar skull just a popular type of tattoo? I think Radeo has one too…

R: In Mexico, they have the Dia de los Muertos. A sugar skull is a candy skull that they make and decorate to celebrate loved ones that have passed away. It’s a representation for people that have passed away. They put daisies on the eyes or and something in the center forehead, like a rose or a diamond, and they make them for shrines.

MI: So it’s just one big sugar skull on your arm?

R: From the elbow down it’s sugar skulls and old school roses and filigree.

MI: Sounds awesome! Is that what you’ll show off in your photos for the November Maiden of the Month contest?

R: Yeah I don’t have pictures of it yet, but you’ll see them in November! BTW, I got it done by James Tex of Deadly Tattoos Inc. in Calgary.

sugar skull mamacita

sugar skull mamacita

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  1. awesome work!

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