Design Challenge #2: HORROR!

Announcing our 2nd special Design Challenge: HORROR!

Submission Guidelines

Create a design based on the concept of horror! What frightful & spooky ideas can you summon up? Get inspired by horror tattoos, horror films, horror posters…you get the idea!

Deadline to submit designs: October 31
Deadline for voting: TBD


Each design that gets selected wins:
* $700 cash
* $300 credit
* Residuals from T-shirt sales (more details here)
* Automatic entry into our Design of the Year contests

Email Metal Ink if you have any questions, and good luck!

2 Responses to “Design Challenge #2: HORROR!”

  1. this is exciting…wait just a quick one, are there any color limitations?

  2. You can express color as much as you can or want, and we can always adjust it later. Good luck!

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