Meet October Maiden Joanna Heart of Doll Patrol!

Happy Friday! Today we talked with October Maiden Joanna Heart. She’s the lead singer of the band Doll Patrol, and she’s also a model in the running for the October Maiden of the Month contest! Vote for Joanna and check out her photos on the Rate Maidens page & listen to Doll Patrol on iTunes!

Joanna Heart, lead singer of Doll Patrol

Joanna Heart, lead singer of Doll Patrol

MI: What was your first tattoo?

J: When I got my first tattoo, I was 15 years old. My mother forbade me to get it. I went with my cousin. My cousin is this Marine guy, and he passed out. I was like, oh my god, you’re such a wussy. I got a rose.

MI: Did he get a rose as well?

J: No, he got a little Chinese character.

MI: Nice emphasis on “little.” Did you feel pain?

J: It’s not bad at all. I’ve stubbed my toe and it hurt worse! And then when you’re done, you have this awesome piece of art on you. I have a strategy for getting tattooed. A tattoo strategy. Always have to have Coca Cola on ice so it keeps your blood sugar up.

MI: What’s the longest session you’ve ever had?

J: The longest was 4 hours. My back piece took 11 hours total. It was like two 3-hour sessions and one 4-hour session. He also added one flower afterwards so it was like an hour and a half. Took almost 12 hours for my back piece!

MI: That’s amazing. What did you do the whole time? Just drink Coke?

J: *Laughs* I’m like Tank Girl. I watched it when I got my 4 hour session. It’s hardcore; she wears military boots, she’s got a shaved head, she’s rad.

MI: Tank Girl’s a movie? Never heard of it.

J: Yeah, it’s a cult classic.

MI: You certainly are multi-faceted! So going from Tank Girl to Doll Patrol, do you write all the songs yourself?

J: I sing and write all the melodies. On stage I don’t play instruments, but I play guitar.

MI: Where do you get your inspiration? What are some bands you like?

J: The Cure. I absolutely love The Cure. They’re my favorite band of all time. I don’t sound like them at all, but they drive me. I also get my inspiration from fashion and pop culture and just what’s going on in the world. Actually every single one of my songs is about people who have been in my life. Some of them still are and some aren’t. The thing is, I’ll never tell who I’m singing about. But I wonder if people recognize themselves!

MI: Tell us about your new EP.

J: It’s called “Self-Tidaled Wave.” It’s a kind of play on words. It’s like when it comes down to it, it all comes down to you. Everything you do makes you who you are. It’s all about your actions and what you make happen.

MI: Love it!

J: I worked with this guy who works with the Fray, Warren, and he rocks! My favorite photographer also shot the album cover. His name is Brion Topolski.

MI: How did you find him?

J: I found a piece of his work and sent him an email. He said he would shoot me whenever I had something big going on. For the last 2 years, I’ve been waiting for the right time.

MI: Your cover looks amazing.

Self-Tidal Wave

Self-Tidal Wave

J: We did this crazy shoot with 200 red balloons. I love Brion, he goes all the way! He takes my breath away, he’s unbelievable. That’s the great thing about creativity is sharing and creating your vision with other artists.

MI: Whose idea was it?

J: It was my idea totally. I was thinking of when I was a kid and I saw 99 Red Balloons. It’s silly but it was part of my 80s childhood so I brought it up and he said, “Forget 99 red balloons. We’ll use 200!”

MI: Self motivated and kick ass. Just like Tank Girl!

Joanna Heart_pinup1

Joanna Heart_pinup1

Joanna Heart_pinup2

Joanna Heart_pinup2

2 Responses to “Meet October Maiden Joanna Heart of Doll Patrol!”

  1. cool interview … that album cover is awesome

  2. cool & cute

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