The October Maiden of the Month contest is ending in 5 days! Hurry and rate all 17 inked hotties, before it’s too late!

Today we have Maiden Glitch making a guest appearance all the way from la belle France! Give her some l’amour by logging on and voting for her on the Rate Maidens page today!

Glitch for Metal Ink_1

So I guess you could say I don’t model too often on other sites except for SG, because I luv what they stand for: re-defined beauty. When Metal Ink got a hold of me to enter a contest with other gorgeous & equally inspiring women, I definitely jumped at the chance. I was really into such a creative concept. I thought that having the model’s ink on shirts & voting for designs was a great way for the artists to be inspired & the fans to be a little closer to the models they loved. Both shoots were total DIY style, but, for the second I borrowed a fancy camera & played around with the settings that day. I had fun modeling the cute little thong & comfy white tank. Hope you guys also enjoyed it enough to make me a winner!!


Glitch for Metal Ink_2

One Response to “J’adore…Glitch!”

  1. i voted you a 10! Hope you win!!

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