Rate HORROR! themed designs!

Happy Halloween! We compiled all the awesome designs submitted for the HORROR! Design Challenge to make it easy for you to vote!

Enjoy & remember, the HORROR! Design Challenge ends on Oct 31, so get your designs in before it’s too late! Voting ends Dec 31.

"The Bride"
“The Bride” by Stein.hansen http://bit.ly/unQRZ

"Samurai Spirit"
“Samurai Spirit: The Undead Soul” by Raven http://bit.ly/1DRxfK

"Jack My Lantern"
“Jack My Lantern” by sidewinder72 http://bit.ly/14s3gx

"Oblivion Beckons"
“Oblivion Beckons” by Quakerninja http://bit.ly/gQF5H

“Heads…Up” by Fatmouse http://bit.ly/3IhdHN

"Undead Moon"
“Undead Moon” by David_M http://bit.ly/2AoaCt

"Vampire 2046"
“Vampire 2046” by jun087 http://bit.ly/1jN5xL

One Response to “Rate HORROR! themed designs!”

  1. […] We had a horror-themed design contest last year! The winner of the $700 cash/$300 credit prize was David_M for “Undead Moon.” […]

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