Designs inspired by BAMBU!, compiled in one spot for your viewing pleasure!

Thanks for all awesome submissions for our 1st ever Special Design Challenge, Design for BAMBU! We compiled all the entries here to make it easy for you to view & rate them! Enjoy!

You choose which design(s) will get printed, so log on to and rate today! Note: Voting for Bambu Design Challenge ends on Dec 31.

Bambu Faux Chic
“Bambu Faux Chic” by Quakerninja

“Bambu” by Jun087

Bambu Twist
“Bambu Twist” by Flash13

Qetza bambu
“Bambu” by Qetza

legend of holy pink
“Legend of Holy Pink” by Raven

“Bambu Eyes” by RydellSG

Bambu by Lyra
“Bambu” by Lyra

Ink Cap
“Bambu Ink Cap” by Laylangel

“BAMBU” by Mrdavidpoe

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