What Did the Butler See?…November Maiden Natascha!

The November Maiden of the Month contest is in full swing! Rate the gorgeous inked hotties on metalinkshop.com today & enjoy the entry from guest blogger Natascha!


My name is Natascha and I decided to enter the Metal Ink competition as I love the fierceness and the styles of the Metal Ink Maiden contestants before myself.

Natascha 1

I got involved with Alternative Modeling just over a year ago with GodsGirls, a site that I love and promote as much as possible. Through it I have met the most gorgeous tattooed girls from all over the world–life really doesn’t get much better than that! I have just come back from the Evian Tattoo Festival to promote GodsGirls and perform for them.

Natascha 2

My main hobby is burlesque as I love being on stage and showing off my womanly body. I believe in curves and not the size 0 look! Burlesque also allows me to tease and show off while keeping an air of mystery about what’s underneath the clothes (although it’s mainly ink and piercings)! I perform with a company called “What the Butler Saw.” We are Cardiff based but also travel around the UK for shows and festivals. I also perform with the Manchester troupe, “The Glitter Kittens,” which is a rock burlesque group fronted by my good friend Miss Zelda Saint Wilde.

GG events

When I’m chilling out, I love being around my animals. I have two rats, a cat, a Siberian Husky (who I have been to Crufts with), and a cross cob horse called Charlie. I am a huge animal lover and just love being around my pets and going up the family farm for a ride on Charlie, although I only horse ride for fun. Because of my love of animals, I became a vegetarian 7 months ago to protest against animal suffering.

I have enclosed links and photos of my pets.






One Response to “What Did the Butler See?…November Maiden Natascha!”

  1. Looking sensually gothic !

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