I Squee, You Squee, We All Squee for Metal Ink!

Squee what I mean? Okay enough bad puns. Today we welcome November Maiden Squee! You can see her photos on the Rate Maidens page, so go and vote for her today!


Squee for Metal Ink

My name is Squee and as you’ve probably seen already, I am currently in the November Maiden competition! Here’s a few other pics for the photoshoot I did in the Metal Ink gear.

Squee for Metal Ink

Squee for Metal Ink

So what else do I do? I’ve been a SuicideGirl and a model for a couple of years now, while also searching for my dream job in animal care. My plan is to win the lottery and set up my own conservation and education zoo…although I guess I can’t rely on that! I live in the south of England…no, I do not know the Queen, but yes, I do drink tea by the gallon!

In the last week I have also become one of those people who is getting far too excited about Christmas far too early. I can’t wait! The London lights are all going up, I get to buy the people I love pressies, I get to see some awesome people I don’t get too see all year round and there are many good times to be had (and the occasional Jack Daniels or Jagermeister, yum!). I am just waiting for the Christmas coca cola ads to be on the tv and it’ll really feel like Christmas…just break out the turkey, sit down and watch a Muppets Christmas Carol…yeah, like I said, far too excited, far too early!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, go vote for your favourite November Maiden Squee!

Squee for Metal Ink

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