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Jason Greenfield @ 723 Tattoo

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Jason Greenfield
Tattoo Artist & Owner
723 Tattoo
723 S Harbor Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 447-8270

MI: You’ve been tattooing for 16 years and you’re only in your early 30s?

Jason: It’ll be 17 years come April 9th. I started at age 13, and I was tattooing professionally when I was 15. I was born and raised in Oklahoma on an Indian reservation where tattooing was illegal. I did everything underground for that reason, and also because nobody wanted to each someone that young. I had a full ride scholarship to OSU, and originally, I went to school to be an architect. I was 19, making $60K a year. At that age, you’re like “fuck that,” so I dropped out of college.

MI: So you took the more comfortable lifestyle you were offered and you never looked back?

Jason: That’s right, and I have no regrets. I’ve been featured in High Times magazine, Tattoo magazine, and I have a slew of awards from tattoo conventions: 1st place for Best Oriental in San Francisco in August 2007, 2nd place Full Leg in March 2008 in Reno, Nevada, recently, Best Back in San Francisco in March 2009…

MI: How would you describe your style?

Jason: Being self-taught, no one ever indoctrinated a style in me. Most tattoo artists start by doing an apprenticeship, and they learn the style of whoever they’re apprenticing under.

MI: I can see that from looking through your portfolio that your style is hard to define.

Jason: I like doing Japanese traditional because there are so many different things you can do. Whatever the client wants is my style.

MI: When did you come out to California and where else have you tattooed?

Jason: I’ve tattooed in so many places, from Japan to Key Largo, from Rhode Island to Seattle, and now Los Angeles.

MI: Why did you move around so much?

Jason: Tattooing is the hardest industry to get into. Without an apprenticeship, people don’t take you seriously. I had to travel around and teach myself, but I came up quick. I went from living in my truck to buying a new vehicle and new equipment, it was that sudden.

MI: Tell us the back stories of your most interesting tattoos.

Jason: I did a tattoo of Satan’s face on a woman’s crotch, and her pussy was his mouth. The back story is that there was a picture in the shop of a pussy with the tongue of Satan drawn on it, and as a joke, I put it up with “free tattoo of the day.” One day this woman came in and she totally called me on it! It was a joke, and she took it! And oh my god it was so gross.

MI: You mean her pussy?

Jason: I’m still in counseling over that tattoo.

MI: What about the gecko?

Jason: A guy got paid $10K from Geico to get that tattoo. He basically auctioned off his skin on eBay. He also got paid by Golden Palace casino to get a tattoo.

MI: What’s this crazy abstract one all over someone’s arm?

Jason: The guy who got that builds rock crawlers. It’s like a glorified jeep and it has crazy suspension. They got roll cages they’re really big in California. What you see there is the fuel filter, dry shaft, radiator, spark plug…

MI: I like this skull on the hand with the swirls–what is this, the ribcage?

Jason: See on the underside there’s a girl all tangled up? That represents his internal battle with women. I want to mention one last one: the microphone stand that was designed by the Swiss artist H. R. Giger for Jonathan Davis. If you see Korn live, he uses these microphone stands and they’re like $150K each. The story is that I saw the stand at his house and tattooed it on his cousin.

MI: Love it! Maybe you can do a version for the Design Contest? Whatever you decide to submit, we’ll do a part 2 of the interview so you can explain your designs. Thanks!

Tori in the Woods

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ToriBell for Metal Ink

ToriBell for Metal Ink

Hello Metal Ink!

I’m from Florida and the pictures I submitted for December Maiden of the Month were taken in my backyard. I live on several acres in a backwoods sort of place that happens to be five minutes from two Publixs and Walmarts. It’s a bit of excluded old Florida stuck in the middle of a growing, bustling city. I’m currently renovating my dad’s old house—painting the walls, cleaning, organizing, and generally being a cute, little housewife.

I just graduated today with my B.S. in Psychology! I graduated with honors distinctions, Honors in the Major (an undergraduate research program), and summa cum laude (top 3% of my graduating class). Yes, I has the smarts. I’ll be taking some time off before graduate school, so I’m going to model, travel, and generally enjoy life in the meantime.

I designed all of my tattoos (or at least came up with the idea, and Ross at Axiom Tattoos in Orlando created them). They are all based on my theme of the Fallen Angel, and I have two Bible verses and one Nightwish quote on me. I really hope to get more and finish up my pieces this year.

I loooooove being nakey, lingerie, food, wine, seeing new places, reading, writing, retro clothes and photos, and animals. I volunteer at Pet Rescue by Judy, a no-kill shelter in Orlando. I have a kitty named Jaws, who is all eight pounds of fearsome stupidity and panic (but I love her anyway!). I used to nanny, and it seems that my interests are pretty split: modeling, sex, wine—on one hand—and animals, kids, and housewifery on the other hand. Somehow it all works, though! I might be a bit of a contradiction: I never want to get married or have my own kids, but I adore my niece and nephew and basically all children, and I love having a steady partner to share my life with. I currently have a beautiful girlfriend named Mia, but that also doesn’t mean I’m off the market because we don’t mind sharing. 😉

I’m currently launching my own site featuring pin-up, retro, and all of my other modeling work, so make sure you check back soon!

I’ll share some of the photos:

You can see more of ToriBell here:
My Site:
Metal Ink:
Suicide Girls:
Model Mayhem:

Much loves!

“Surface and Visual Interest”: Jon Butcher Explains Painting vs Tattooing

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We recently spoke with Jon Butcher, who owns and operates Leviathan Tattoo along with Mr. Jason D’Aquino. Both are extremely talented tattoo artists, and we are delighted to have their work in our design contest. Go to Rate Designs on to view and vote on their artwork!

Jon Butcher

Jon Butcher

MI: You’re from Arizona. Is that where you started tattooing?

Jon: I moved to Buffalo for the purpose of tattooing. I learned out here. I moved to Buffalo 5 years ago. I spent a couple of years hanging out in a shop, and at first I was cleaning up and observing. I didn’t start tattooing until 2007, and so now I’ve been working for about 2 ½ years.

MI: I’ve seen your 2 submissions to Metal Ink, “Diamondback” and “Sea Monster.” They’re both really gorgeous, but I’m curious about your design “Diamondback”—there seems to be something very southwest about it, in terms of the subject matter and the colors. Is that what you were going for? A homage to your hometown?



Jon: I wouldn’t say it was a conscious decision. I mean, I love the southwest. As far as the city of Phoenix goes, it didn’t really inspire me. But as for Gila monsters and roadrunners and Arizona wildlife, I love southwest nature and animals. I can’t help but want to make things look like that.

MI: Were either turned into tattoos?

Jon: No, I painted those designs. For “Diamondback,” I only used black paint and Lipton tea. It’s just watered down black and watered down tea in layers. It looks fuller that way, using the simple cool of the gray and the warmth of the sandy tones of the brown.

MI: Do you find your painting influencing your tattooing? What informs your tattooing? Your style is hard to categorize, but traditional seems to be a major influence.

Jon: I’m attracted to traditional tattooing because of the boldness and colors in it. The clunkiness is appealing to me, but I can’t draw that way. At the same time, I don’t want to be a traditional tattooer. I want to learn from it and take from it. I want to expand upon it. For example, in “Sea Monster,” there’s some play with the background fire and clouds—patterns that are more organic. But as far as that influencing my tattooing, I feel like my drawings are ahead of my tattoos, because I have to make my clients happy and that’s my first objective as opposed to doing what I want.

Sea Monster

Sea Monster

MI: What are some of your inspirations, and who do you admire?

Jon: I’m attracted to lots of different styles. I’m influenced by painters as much as people who tattoo. And when it comes to tattooing, I feel like I do not have a consistent style and I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing necessarily. Right now I’m experimenting and playing around.

MI: It’s interesting, seeing your work, that you do run the gamut. Besides traditional style tattoos, you do birds in a very painterly style, and there’s a dice man that looks like a sketch done with pencil…

Jon: If I was interested in making tattoos look like paintings, it would be easier because that’s my background. I want to do something different than photo realism. People who do that are obsessed with rendering everything perfectly. For example, I did a cardinal few days ago, and I feel like it’s a good representation, as far as being traditional in spirit but also deviating from that tradition as to create some softness and movement without sacrificing boldness.

MI: Name a couple artists you admire.

Jon: Bert Krak is my favorite. It’s almost like his name echoes his tattoos, they’re very simple, concise, and they have a lot of personality to them. Also Jeff Gogue—his tattoos reflect very closely the same ideas that I want to express through tattooing. His Japanese inspired work is very non-traditional Japanese, but because he understands the tradition, he has deviated from it in such a way that it is more successful than the traditional style, in my opinion, in reference to space, layers, transparency and shifting focus, which are the backbone of traditional Japanese tattooing.

MI: Let’s talk about your background – you went to art school?

Jon: I went to the Art Institute of Chicago.

MI: Did you have classmates who wanted to become tattooers too?

Jon: Most people who go to art school don’t know what they want to do afterward. Probably 95% percent of people who graduate from art school, 5 years later will never make another painting in their life. There’s not that much room in today’s world for successful painters just because the business I s not there. So they have to branch out and do other things that satisfy their artistic intentions.

When I was in art school I wasn’t intent on becoming a tattooer. If I was to recommend how to become a great tattooer, it wouldn’t be going to art school. I think it could inform you and help you make more interesting tattoos, but the best way would have been to do an apprenticeship.

MI: How is tattooing different from painting (besides the obvious)?

Jon: So everything that you tattoo is going to change. It has to be successful for a lifetime. My goals in painting are different from my goals in tattooing. With painting, it’s a lot about surface and visual interest, and lots of prettiness and lots of subtle things. There’s no room for very tiny subtlety in tattoos. Everything’s gotta be bigger, simpler and bolder. If you look down at a tattoo and you’re squinting at it and it still looks good fuzzy, then it’s going to look good in 30 years.

MI: Is that what you do when you’re working on someone?

Jon: Oh no, that’s just my way of explaining it.

MI: Okay, that’s a relief. Well, thanks for your time and best of luck with your submissions in our design contest!

Mike “The Reverend” Does Weddings & Tattoos

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Happy Friday! Have you seen all the new design submissions on Rate your favorites and help decide which ones get printed! Remember, for each design that wins, you get $700 in cash, $300 in store credit, plus residuals from t-shirt sales! Go to the Rate Designs page today!


1st Amendment Tattoo
27911 Jefferson Ave
Temecula, CA 92590
(951) 587-6990

Mike “The Reverend”
Tattoo Artist & Owner

MI: Hi Mike, thanks for joining us on Metal Ink Crew Musings. 1st Amendment has 4 locations—are you at the shop in Temecula?

Mike: Yeah but I’m actually from Boston. I got out to California about 15 years ago. I’ve been tattooing for 19 years total. It was illegal back then in Boston, New York, all of Massachusetts. I got involved through the hard score scene first in Georgia, then I went to Minneapolis.

MI: Was it also illegal to tattoo in Minneapolis?

Mike: In the 1970s it was a different age and instead of regulating it they outlawed it. Actually, South Carolina just legalized just 2 years ago. But I came out west to do build my mecca, learning and earning.

MI: Because here, it wasn’t outlawed?

Mike: It never was illegal in California. It was illegal in places where there were high concentrations of military. Places like New York, South Carolina, Eastern seaboard. When hepatitis started going around, due partly to tattooing, it became outlawed. California actually has the least amount of regulation. It’s regulated county by county. Every state is different, there are no federal regulations.

MI: Okay, thanks for the history lesson. So your nickname is “The Reverend”—where does that come from?

Mike: It’s just a little moniker. Actually, I’m ordained and I do weddings. It’s through the Universalized Church which is a non-denominational church. I’ve never done a funeral but I’ve done 30 weddings.

MI: How people find you?

Mike: Through friends of friends, word of mouth, it’s really random when they hire me.

MI: Can you tell us an interesting story?

Mike: Once I went to a wedding where everybody hated the bride, couldn’t stand her. They had set up to do an elaborate candle ceremony. The brother-in-law shoved the bride, shoved her into the table. The bride was crying, oh my god, and the husband was yelling in her defense.

MI: That’s pretty terrible.

Mike: I also did a swingers wedding in Newport Beach. All the guests were scantily clad, in bikinis and banana hammocks—it was very uncomfortable. It was at a really secluded spot on the beach.

MI: Did they require a dress code? Did they ask you to wear a Speedo?

Mike: Hell no.

MI: Tell us about your shop, 1st Amendment.

Mike: We’ve got 4 locations now, plus I organize 2 tattoo conventions, one in Bakersfield and one in Georgia. I also have a tattoo supply company. I build machines.

MI: Oh wow, 2 conventions? Just that alone could be a full-time job. When do you find time to tattoo?

Mike: I tattoo 3-4 times a week, but it used to be 7 days a week. I have a family now, which leaves not enough time, no walk-ins—I’m pretty selective about the work I do. Even still, I’m often up until 3 in the morning doing a layout. Pretty much everything I do is about this business. All my hobbies, my friends, all through this business.

MI: Tell us about your style.

Mike: Big, bold and clean. I want to do tattoos that will look good in 10 years. Nice hearty tattoos. I don’t want to do things that will look faded or weird. The photos you see on my website, of sleeves, bold colors—all that’s 4 years old but it looks new. I like doing stuff that’s solid and stands up. In terms of inspiration, I get a lot from traditional, mixed with a little bit of horror movie, the old monster cars, Big Daddy Ed Roth.

MI: What’s your next move?

Mike: Getting some rest. *Laughs* I’m going to be the emcee for Musink. It started 3 years ago, and Kat Von D was the host of it, Atreyu and Danzig headlined. This year, The Cult is headlining, we’re having professional skateboarders, 300 tattoo artists…it’s at the Costa Mesa fairgrounds, February 19-21. Also check out Central Valley Tattoo Expo, happening May 1-2.

MI: Great, with all these tattoo conventions coming up, we hope you have time to get in a design or two at Metal Ink! Thanks for your time!

Denie Wants You to Czech Her Out!

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Hello Ink Lovers!!!

I am really happy to be a part of Metal Ink‘s December Maiden of the Month contest.

Those contest pictures were taken by my friend Marco at MCK Photography. I went to Vienna to visit my friends a month ago, and while I was there we took these Metal Ink contest pictures. Because the weather was really nice, we decided to take some outside portraits:

In this entry I would like to tell you something about me. I was born and raised in the Czech republic, which lies in Central Europe. Actually the city I live in is the center of Europe. So do you know which one it is? I can’t complain about living here, it is nice city to live, but quite boring and stereotypical for me. The majority of people living here enjoy mainstream stuff, but I love to discover new and special things we can’t see on TV everyday, you know. People in Czech are still quite conservative about everything that is different in any way. Sometimes I see people literally starring at my piercings or my tats. I can say they are usually surprised but on the other hand you can feel when people are disgusted or indignant by your body mods. I usually don’t care what people think, but their expressions can make you sad from time to time. You probably know what I’m talking about. I just don’t think people should be that prejudiced. It’s just ink! It doesn’t make us worse or even better.

They usually think you are “junkie” or pretty strange. But if we were, we wouldn’t get tattooed, we would rather use money for drugs, wouldn’t we? For some people it can be fashion or whatnot. But not for me. I think ink makes us beautiful somehow, it’s art for me. Getting tattooed is a way to express my memories, feelings and thoughts. Most of my ink has a meaning. I’m gonna talk about two pieces. One of them is a horse with chicken legs. It’s a heart piece for me, the story behind is about my great-grandma. Unfortunately she is not with us anymore, but she passed away when she was 96 years old! She was a pretty happy person and a great story-teller. I could write tons of stories about her, but back to my tattoos. She used to tell a story how there was a horse-head with chicken legs going through their village at night and scared kids and even adults. Who knows if it is based on true story? 😀 I got my own horse tattooed, and it’s in memory of her.

I have some other ink on my knee, it’s a heart with roses around and lettering that says VEGAN.

This one is still in progress:

I have been a vegan for three years now. When I was younger I never thought about how food is produced and where we get it. I never connected my piece of meat with that chicken I saw. But then I got to watch documentaries and read books which made me think a lot…. And I said myself I don’t wanna be part of this anymore! I couldn’t imagine my table without meat a few years ago. But as long as I have started to cook, I see there is a possibility to eat well, deliciously and WITHOUT CRUELTY. I enjoy cooking way more now. There’s always something new I can try. One of the last recipes that made me excited was vegan homemade cheese. My Italian friend sent me this one, and I’d like to share it with you:


Delicate version:
50 gr. of tahini
3 full spoons of nutritional yeast
1 full spoon of soy cream
1 and a half teaspoon of rice miso
200 ml of soy milk (not flavoured)
2 teaspoons of agar agar (not full spoons)

Tasty version:
30 gr. of tahini
2 full spoons of nutritional yeast
1 and a half teaspoon of rice miso
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
2 pinches of ginger
2 full spoons of soy yogurt
1 teaspoon of agar agar (not full spoons)
125 ml of soy milk (not flavoured)

1. Mix all the ingredients except soy milk and agar agar in a bowl.
2. Mix the agar agar with soymilk, put it in a small pot and make it boil for a 1 minute, then turn off the gas and wait another minute. Now mix it with the other ingredients and blend it.
3. Take a cup or bowl and oil the inside of it and put the blended mix inside it. Wait for 6 to 8 hour and turn it upside down on a plate. Enjoy!

Another thing about veganism is I hold food way higher because you can’t just go to the supermarket and eat right after you buy it. In the Czech republic, there are still not so many varieties of vegan food as in the US or some of the European countries. But I’d say it’s increasing. And yeah when I want something, I have to prepare it myself or with my friends. And that’s another thing I like about it. It’s amazing to exchange recipes with your friends, or share happiness while baking cookies together, or when a new vegan restaurant opens in your town and you can spend nice evenings there with them. And of course it makes me to feel damn better to know I did something for animals.

What else to say about me? As everyone else I love music. Lately I have been enjoying all kinds of music. But I am pretty much into hardcore and metal (of course) in general. But I also like pop, classical music, rockabilly, hip-hop and even disco. What I enjoy (a lot!) is soundtracks. I watch movies a lot I try to watch at least one movie a day, before I go to bed, or at school on my iPod hehe. My faves are Scandinavian ones or those from South America. They are totally different and I can see how they live there and they usually film interesting topics. If you know any good ones, let me know, maybe I haven’t seen them yet! Ohhh and not to forget I love horror movies. 🙂

I started a 365 project with my friend Andrea more than 100 days ago, where I take pics everyday, and you can find them on my flickr account.

I’m a student, I attend postgraduate school, where I learn about graphic design and printing industry in general. I have also found a job in the same field, so I am pretty happy. I love to travel and learn new languages. My very fave city is Vienna. I would like to move there for a while. I also liked Berlin a lot, because people are different there. My next destinations are the Netherlands and Poland. And my big latest dream is to visit US next summer! Traveling is one of the reason I’m a part of the SG community. It’s a place where I can meet people with similar interests and I totally can learn something new from them. And it’s also why I signed up for Metal Ink‘s contest. I like the purpose of this site, how people can be creative here and show what they are good at. I can’t wait to talk with you and get to know about new things. So if you want, drop me a line, and don’t forget to vote for me in the December contest!

Denie Suicide

Sister Maggie Shows Us How It’s Done

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Why Metal Ink?

Because it matches my weekend bag.

Meet December Maiden, Sister Maggie.

From trashing hotel rooms to chugging champagne on the weekend, Sister Maggie will remind you what if feels like to be free.

“Tattoos have always been a time marker for me. I’m very impulsive with everything, so each tattoo commemorates an event or a feeling in my life… I travel a lot, and one of my favorite things to do is get tattooed while I’m on the road. I will always be reminded of where I came from, where I’ve been, and where I’m going next.”

“I love Metal Ink because they are pushing a lifestyle, not just a fashion statement. I’m always checking in on what they are turning out, and I am never disappointed!”

You’re right if think you’ve seen her somewhere before.

She models under the alias Doctor for Suicide Girls…
And hangs from hooks in her spare time all over the Midwest and East coast.

Masheti Gets All Dolled Up

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Hello everybody, my name is MashetiDoll and I am currently in Metal Ink’s contest for December Maiden of the Month. Here are some more sexy photos of me, MashetiDoll. In some I am wearing my Metal Ink gear, and in others, I decided to be generous since I am in the holiday spirit…Happy Holidays!

I am a model, new to the industry. I am in the process of sending in my photo set to SuicideGirls. My dream is to eventually move to California to pursue my modeling career. But for now, I camp out here in San Antonio, TX. I just got back from Mexico which is where my baby is, and in case you’re wondering…my baby is a big, beautiful Great Dane. She’s a blue and she’s my world. Her name is Psyche so you already know by that, I absolutely loooove dogs. I also love the beach, the ocean, the water–I swear, I was a fish in my past life…a sexy barracuda, lol. I love the great outdoors, being out at night w/ a sky full of stars. Just laying out & enjoying the view. I also love camping, hiking & fishing. Did I mention I love water???

I was so excited when I heard about this contest with Metal Ink. This was a calling for me. To be Metal Ink’s Maiden of the Month. I love everything about December. The cozy fires, cookies, hot chocolate w/ marshmallows (s’mores…mmmm), presents, pretty lights & pretty faces.