Tori in the Woods

ToriBell for Metal Ink

ToriBell for Metal Ink

Hello Metal Ink!

I’m from Florida and the pictures I submitted for December Maiden of the Month were taken in my backyard. I live on several acres in a backwoods sort of place that happens to be five minutes from two Publixs and Walmarts. It’s a bit of excluded old Florida stuck in the middle of a growing, bustling city. I’m currently renovating my dad’s old house—painting the walls, cleaning, organizing, and generally being a cute, little housewife.

I just graduated today with my B.S. in Psychology! I graduated with honors distinctions, Honors in the Major (an undergraduate research program), and summa cum laude (top 3% of my graduating class). Yes, I has the smarts. I’ll be taking some time off before graduate school, so I’m going to model, travel, and generally enjoy life in the meantime.

I designed all of my tattoos (or at least came up with the idea, and Ross at Axiom Tattoos in Orlando created them). They are all based on my theme of the Fallen Angel, and I have two Bible verses and one Nightwish quote on me. I really hope to get more and finish up my pieces this year.

I loooooove being nakey, lingerie, food, wine, seeing new places, reading, writing, retro clothes and photos, and animals. I volunteer at Pet Rescue by Judy, a no-kill shelter in Orlando. I have a kitty named Jaws, who is all eight pounds of fearsome stupidity and panic (but I love her anyway!). I used to nanny, and it seems that my interests are pretty split: modeling, sex, wine—on one hand—and animals, kids, and housewifery on the other hand. Somehow it all works, though! I might be a bit of a contradiction: I never want to get married or have my own kids, but I adore my niece and nephew and basically all children, and I love having a steady partner to share my life with. I currently have a beautiful girlfriend named Mia, but that also doesn’t mean I’m off the market because we don’t mind sharing. 😉

I’m currently launching my own site featuring pin-up, retro, and all of my other modeling work, so make sure you check back soon!

I’ll share some of the photos:

You can see more of ToriBell here:
My Site:
Metal Ink:
Suicide Girls:
Model Mayhem:

Much loves!

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