She’s All the Rage

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Rachael for Metal Ink

Rachael for Metal Ink

Hey dolls! I’m Rachael Rage and I am in the running for the January Metal Ink Maiden! Here is a little about me.

I was born and raised in Salida, Colorado, a small town about three hours south-west of Denver. A small town with three stop lights and a Walmart. I moved to Canon City, which is an hour east of Salida, four years ago. Canon is a conservative town filled with farmers, Christians and prisons, 13 to be exact! I stand out like a sore thumb around here. Let’s just say people stare! I have three Pembroke Welsh Corgis that I love love love! Tattoos make me happy! I have lots of them and want more. I wanted a sleeve of sweets, full of color and fun things, something that I could look at and instantly feel happy, so I got it done. Most people that I talk to don’t understand my reasoning for it. I don’t really like sweets a whole lot, but I have a sweet life filled with a loving family, a great boyfriend and awesome friends!

Here is a full list of all my tattoos:
unfinished sleeve of sweets (cupcake, lollipop, milk shake, and ice cream cone)
unfinished corset on my back
voodoo heart on my chest
25 stars on each arm that represent my family
1 star on both wrist bones
Heartagram on my wrist (HIM is my favorite band)
Rock on one calf and Star on the other
wheel of balance (fire, water, earth and air) in between my shoulder blades
Hello Kitty on my butt cheek (drunk night)
Giggity Giggity on my butt cheek (drunk night)

Let’s just say that the last two are conversation pieces! hehe!

I don’t have any piercings except my ears that are gauged to zeros. I hate needles and that popping noise that you hear when they push the needle through. ewww.

Well here are a few other pictures we snapped when we did the Metal Ink shoot. Enjoy!

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