Kelly Offends You!

Kelly for Metal Ink

Kelly for Metal Ink

Hey there tattooed ladies and gents! My name is Kelly and I am competing for Metal Ink’s January Maiden of the Month. Thought I would let you guys get to know me a little better…

Soooo…I am 21 years old, originally from Sacramento, California. I have just moved out to Philadelphia to finish up my BFA in photography at the University of the Arts. Though I am very much a west coast gal, I loooove the east coast and my stay in Philly has been awesome! When I’m not behind the camera, I’m in front of it. I am proud to be a GodsGirl, and you can take a peak at my profile at Obviously, I’m addicted to ink, and actually just got a brand spankin’ new chest piece!

I am currently single and fabulous. My school has taken up most of my time and focus, so a significant other is not a priority right now. I’m always having fun and all-nighters are my specialty 😉 I love the Philly nightlife, and I am definitely a bar fly!

Well I hope you enjoy my photos, and keep an eye out for pics of my new chest piece on my GG blog! And follow me!


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