From Sweden with Love, Anunnaki

Hello Metal Ink fans, my name is Anunnaki, and I am in the January Maiden of the Month contest!

I was born in Sweden and live in the beautiful Vest Cost, close to Gothenburg.

I have been working as a model for three years and I have had the pleasure to work with Metal Dolls, Stickytittygirls and I am a Suicide Girl hopeful. Mostly I work directly with a photographer and not to companies. I have also worked with some bands like the Swedish metal band, Wolf…

When I’m not modeling, I’m studying at the University of Kalmar where I major in Project Management – music and event. Since many years back, I’ve been a concert organizer and a tour leader. I have also studied Archaeology at the University of Gothenburg and Textile Science at University College of Boras. It was during that time that I stumbled across the name Anunnaki, when I was doing a paper on the Sumerians. I have even been to Australia and studied at the University of New South Wales as an exchange student. I love to travel and meet new people and learn about new cultures.

I’m a vegan and politically active. I don’t like false politicians/humans. So I decided to try work with them. Unfortunately there have not been any good results yet…. I mostly work for environmental issues and the protection of our world. But also for helping kids between 12-20 to be able to practice music and create a place to rehearse with their bands. I also want more live music for younger audiences. My heart lies in music and art. And I’m a big fan of the band Lillasyster and KORN…

Please vote for me to be Metal Ink’s January Maiden of the Month!


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