“Life’s a Journey, Not a Destination”

Dirt Diva for Metal Ink_1

Dirt Diva for Metal Ink_1

Hello people!

My name is Catra Corbett, and I’m running in Metal Ink’s January Maiden of the Month contest! I love tattoos and piercings. Most of all, I love living a clean and healthy lifestyle. I am a vegan and I am an ultrarunner. An ultrarunner is someone who runs over the standard marathon distance, which is 26.2 miles. I run mountain trails all over the country. I compete in 50 and 100 mile trail races. 100 miles is my favorite distance. I have run 100 miles 67 times which is more then any other American woman.

I also run long trails every summer going for speed records. I hold the overall out and back record on the John Muir trail in California which starts in Yosemite and finishes on Mt. Whitney. Going one way it’s 212 miles long, and I did a double or 424 miles in 12 days, 4 hours. I also hold the record for the Tahoe rim trail which is 165 miles long. I was able to run it in 72 hours.

This year I will be running the oldest 100 mile race called Western States 100 in California. I have run it 5 times. I will be the first person to double it. I will run the race then turn around at the finish and go back to the start, for a total of 200 miles.

I also do Crossfit which is workouts consisting of heart pounding workouts for time which include kettle bells, pull-ups, push-ups, handstands, rope climbs, running, rowing and Olympic lifting. Are you tired yet? I run 80-120 miles a week training. I also rock climb. I have even Climbed El Capatain in Yosemite. I also became the first person to run 100 miles in Yosemite and in the middle of the run I climbed a route with 9 pitches called Nutcracker.

I have run close to 300 ultramarthons. “Live Life Love Life”, that’s my motto! I think there needs to be more healthy, strong, beautiful woman role models. That is my job in life. I hope you vote for me.

Catra aka “Dirt Diva”

“Life’s a journey not a destination”

Dirt Diva for Metal Ink_2

Dirt Diva for Metal Ink_2

Dirt Diva for Metal Ink_3

Dirt Diva for Metal Ink_3

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