Tweedle’s (mis)Adventures in Wonderland

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What’s up Metal Inkers?
My name is Tweedle and I am in the running for February Maiden of the Month!

Tweedle for Metal Ink

Tweedle for Metal Ink

It’s really cool to be a part of something like this and seeing my picture publicly posted being from a small town in Wisconsin where tattoos, piercings, and strong alternative women are usually the minority. Of course, it certainly draws attention, and it’s not always positive attention. (But, it’s definitely not all negative either!) And sometimes a simple shopping trip can turn into being bombarded with questions from random strangers, such as (while pointing at my face), “Did that hurt?!!”

That being said, when I was asked to enter Metal Ink’s Maiden of the Month contest, I was all over it. I love that this site promotes not only the struggling artists that give us these beautiful works of art on our bodies, but the women who wear that art.

The art on my arm is based on the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass (Hence my name, “Tweedle” after Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum). It is still a in progress, but so far my tattoo artist and myself have had a blast putting all the elements together to make it a very interesting and unique piece to look at as well as making it a very personal-to-me piece. The colors and markings of the Cheshire cat, for example, were inspired by my own kitty!

(isn’t he adorable??)

I chose to do this piece because I was so inspired by the original story by Lewis Carroll. It literally changed my life. The story provoked me not only to really explore who I am as an individual and where I am going in life, but also motivated me to see the simplicities and complexities of life itself. The story plays a lot on words and promotes a contradicting angle to every one side of things and seeing the “sense in nonsense”. All in all, I felt that Alice was a character I could relate to and her story of her (mis)adventures in Wonderland challenged me to reflect on my own place in this world and my own identity.

The often unseen white rabbit, on my inner forearm:

My sleeve represents a milestone in my journey of life, as well as the very continuity of this journey.

But damn, it’s also just a fun piece to look at when I’m bored!

I hope you vote for me to be Metal Ink’s February Maiden! I would love to be your Maiden in Wonderland. 🙂


Tweedle for Metal Ink

Tweedle for Metal Ink

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