Bisous, Noémie XOXO

Don’t forget to vote for the new tattoo inspired designs on Metal Ink! There are already two entries for Design Challenge #3. Make sure to check out Beast of Beautiful Love by Raven and Gypsy Queen by Quakerninja. They are both inspired by former Maidens and they are awesome!

Also, make sure to look through the online shop and support Metal Ink. There’s a great selection of tattoo inspired clothing by artists like these that make these contests possible.


Hey hey! I’m Noémie, a French artist who lives in Paris, the city of love <3.

I have worked on TV for 3 years. I'm also a musician in "Virgin Princesse " and "Fuck me twice", and now, I'm a Metal Ink Maiden!

Noémie for Metal Ink

I found the idea funny, so I decided to participate. I must say that all of the girls are sooooo lovely <3, but I hope to be the Maiden of February! Talalalala!

I've also been a Suicide Girl for 3 years. I make videos and mix at parties. Why SG? Yes, I love girls without clothes and with a lot of tattoos and, most of all, a great big personality!

Noémie for Metal Ink

Hope you’ll vote for me everyone! 😉
❤ Noémie called "the chipie"

Noémie for Metal Ink

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