Chernobyl, Tattoo Apprentice & Metal Ink Maiden

This is the last Maiden of the Month Contest. Help bring it back by purchasing tattoo inspired shirts. Support the artists and Maidens and SAVE METAL INK!


Ah geez guys! Well hello, I’m Chernobyl and there are so many hot babies here it is hurting my head!

Chernobyl for Metal Ink

I’m a tattoo apprentice currently going for my BFA at Art Fag University and I’m CANADIAN! I like to have fun, but who doesn’t, and I think I can look pretty darn good in a beard if I do say so myself. I have done the alt porn model thing for ( for a few years and you know friggen what? It’s time for one of my babies momas over there to win this shizzle! So get in the Maiden room and give some good ratings for my fellow GG’s such as Mia, Hezzy and Crash!


P.S. If anyone wants to send cheese cake as a consolation prize, I’ll gladly take 2nd or third ;).

Chernobyl for Metal Ink

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