Dipsycho, a Tribute to Pin-Up Art

This is the last Maiden of the Month Contest. Help bring it back by purchasing tattoo inspired shirts. Support the artists and Maidens and SAVE METAL INK!


I was born on April 16, 1988 in LIMA, Peru. I am dedicated to pin-up art, with photographs and alternative fetish models. I have had a career in fashion design, with a 50’s style rock and roll and psychobilly, and another in graphic design. Now I’m living in Barcelona, Spain. So for any contact, we can meet there. I am a person with many tattoos, and my style is the alternative.

Dipsycho for Metal Ink

I love pin-up art, psychobilly music, tattoos and hot rods (yeah retro alive!!). I am currently a candidate for Suicide Girls, which is one of my favorite pages.

Dipsycho for Metal Ink

I have had the opportunity to model for magazines in France, USA, Germany and South America. There are several pages where I can be found:

I like traveling and, like I said, I am currently in Spain. I am happy to be in Metal Ink because it is a website that promotes tattoos and creativity, beauty and photos of girls.

Dipsycho for Metal Ink

Dipsycho for Metal Ink

One Response to “Dipsycho, a Tribute to Pin-Up Art”

  1. danielle Says:

    i love this girl!!!! is so cute and perfect!!

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