Ssshhhh! Silencia Speaking…

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Howdy! In the internet world, I am most commonly known as Silencia Suicide. (You can find me on As much as I’d like to regale you with wondrous stories about my life, I think I’ll just invite you to read about what I think we’re all here for: skin and tattoos. 😉 So let me throw this out there – I hate getting tattooed. It’s painful, pricey, and did I say painful? But I love the way tattoos look, so all the pain and shiny pennies I throw at having colorful skin are just sacrifices I am willing to make. Exhibit A:

Tattooing may cause bleeding. Things I’ve learned over the years of getting tattooed: 1) Don’t drink a shit ton of coffee before getting tattooed. 2) If you’re a woman and about to start your period, you may bleed more during the tattooing process. 3) Never get tattooed on an empty stomach. 4) Scented lotion is the devil. 5) Having one regular tattooist that you love to go to is pretty damn awesome. Now, as far as my tattoos go, my back piece is the tattoo that gets the most attention.

(Done by Ryan Mason) What is it, you ask? Well…it’s a bearded Virgin Mary and reptile Baby Jesus, of course! I’m obsessed with religious iconography, but not in the sense that a devout Catholic would be. Catholicism scares the shit out of me (as do circuses and carnivals), yet I am drawn to the imagery. I pitched the idea to Ryan, and after several arduous tattoo sessions (spread over the course of a year), we completed what I sport on my back today.

I do have other tattoos:

And my most recent:

If you’d like to see more pictures of my tattoos, check me out in this month’s Maiden of the Month Contest. I, as well as 14 other mega-babes, are in the running to be your favorite maiden for Metal Ink. Thank you for reading. And a huge thank you to Metal Ink for this fabulous opportunity.

Love and some other shit,

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