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CRASH, Model Road Warrior

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MI: Do you like your moniker? It basically describes who you are, right?

C: Yeah, I travel a lot! I usually do about 2 shows a month, that’s really all my body can handle.

MI: What do you perform?

C: I do fetish shows.

MI: That’s awesome. We have a lot of Maidens who are performance artists in addition to being models.

C: There’s a lot of cute girls in the contest, and I’m really excited about competing for Maiden of the Month!

MI: What do you have tattooed on the backs of your thighs?

C: They’re letters, and it says evil on one thigh and cunt on the other. I love the word cunt, it’s a good word! I also have a back piece, and actually it’s the 3rd cover up I’ve had on my back. This guy started and before you know it he’s falling of the face of the planet, and then someone else finished it but it really wasn’t what I was going for. Lucky for me I was able to find Boom Bad Apple tattoo shop in Las Vegas. He’s the one who did what I have there now. I am very lucky—I had a full back piece that was already covered up.

MI: It looks like your back piece isn’t completely finished yet…

C: It looks like a dog bit me or someone shot me. But I love them, they’re my scars, part of my life. It’s from the suspension shows. I do so much damage to my tattoos, that my tattooer’s like, “why don’t you come back when you’re done with the shows?”

MI: Tell us about your suspension shows.

C: I think a lot of people, when they hear about the suspension thing, automatically think that there’s something sexual about it, or that I like pain.

MI: Like masochism.

C: Everyone has their own ideas. For me, it’s about pushing my limits, pushing my mind and body in extreme situations and overcoming it. I’ve been doing suspension for 4 years, not long. But I’ve been around the industry for a long time. I had a boyfriend 10 years ago who did it, and I’ve always had friends doing it. At one point, I was in this different place in my life, and I was like, fine, sure, fuck it, show me what it’s all about.

MI: And the rest is history?

C: I fell in love with it. And I found out I have a high tolerance for pain. Scars are just an unfortunate byproduct.

MI: Did modeling quickly follow?

C: I’ve only been doing it for 2 years. I never really wanted to be a model. I’m not really comfortable with the word, model.

MI: How did you get started?

C: I’d been doing this extreme performance art, and I was living in Columbus, OH. It’s crazy there! It’s the biggest Suicidegirls hub.

MI: Really? I always assumed it was Portland!

C: Anyway I was there, and it happened through friends’ photographers I was inspired by. They said, hey let’s take some pictures, and I was interested in creating beautiful images that I wanted to associate myself with. I wasn’t dying to be a model, some pretty girl in front of a camera. I got lucky, to make it into a job, and I love being around artists, truly creative people.

MI: Where did you do your shoot with Steve Prue, and how did you get connected with him?

C: Brooklyn, it was in Steve Prue’s studio, and it was the first set we ever took. He is just full of piss and vinegar and I love him. We were stalking each other online for a while. He was shooting with a girl friend of mine, and the entire time she was shooting with him, she was telling him how great I was and so he sent me a message on Twitter.

MI: Steve Prue’s a awesome photographer, and your set for Maiden of the Month is amazing, so good luck to you! And thanks for the interview!

She’s All the Rage

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Rachael for Metal Ink

Rachael for Metal Ink

Hey dolls! I’m Rachael Rage and I am in the running for the January Metal Ink Maiden! Here is a little about me.

I was born and raised in Salida, Colorado, a small town about three hours south-west of Denver. A small town with three stop lights and a Walmart. I moved to Canon City, which is an hour east of Salida, four years ago. Canon is a conservative town filled with farmers, Christians and prisons, 13 to be exact! I stand out like a sore thumb around here. Let’s just say people stare! I have three Pembroke Welsh Corgis that I love love love! Tattoos make me happy! I have lots of them and want more. I wanted a sleeve of sweets, full of color and fun things, something that I could look at and instantly feel happy, so I got it done. Most people that I talk to don’t understand my reasoning for it. I don’t really like sweets a whole lot, but I have a sweet life filled with a loving family, a great boyfriend and awesome friends!

Here is a full list of all my tattoos:
unfinished sleeve of sweets (cupcake, lollipop, milk shake, and ice cream cone)
unfinished corset on my back
voodoo heart on my chest
25 stars on each arm that represent my family
1 star on both wrist bones
Heartagram on my wrist (HIM is my favorite band)
Rock on one calf and Star on the other
wheel of balance (fire, water, earth and air) in between my shoulder blades
Hello Kitty on my butt cheek (drunk night)
Giggity Giggity on my butt cheek (drunk night)

Let’s just say that the last two are conversation pieces! hehe!

I don’t have any piercings except my ears that are gauged to zeros. I hate needles and that popping noise that you hear when they push the needle through. ewww.

Well here are a few other pictures we snapped when we did the Metal Ink shoot. Enjoy!

Tori in the Woods

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ToriBell for Metal Ink

ToriBell for Metal Ink

Hello Metal Ink!

I’m from Florida and the pictures I submitted for December Maiden of the Month were taken in my backyard. I live on several acres in a backwoods sort of place that happens to be five minutes from two Publixs and Walmarts. It’s a bit of excluded old Florida stuck in the middle of a growing, bustling city. I’m currently renovating my dad’s old house—painting the walls, cleaning, organizing, and generally being a cute, little housewife.

I just graduated today with my B.S. in Psychology! I graduated with honors distinctions, Honors in the Major (an undergraduate research program), and summa cum laude (top 3% of my graduating class). Yes, I has the smarts. I’ll be taking some time off before graduate school, so I’m going to model, travel, and generally enjoy life in the meantime.

I designed all of my tattoos (or at least came up with the idea, and Ross at Axiom Tattoos in Orlando created them). They are all based on my theme of the Fallen Angel, and I have two Bible verses and one Nightwish quote on me. I really hope to get more and finish up my pieces this year.

I loooooove being nakey, lingerie, food, wine, seeing new places, reading, writing, retro clothes and photos, and animals. I volunteer at Pet Rescue by Judy, a no-kill shelter in Orlando. I have a kitty named Jaws, who is all eight pounds of fearsome stupidity and panic (but I love her anyway!). I used to nanny, and it seems that my interests are pretty split: modeling, sex, wine—on one hand—and animals, kids, and housewifery on the other hand. Somehow it all works, though! I might be a bit of a contradiction: I never want to get married or have my own kids, but I adore my niece and nephew and basically all children, and I love having a steady partner to share my life with. I currently have a beautiful girlfriend named Mia, but that also doesn’t mean I’m off the market because we don’t mind sharing. 😉

I’m currently launching my own site featuring pin-up, retro, and all of my other modeling work, so make sure you check back soon!

I’ll share some of the photos:

You can see more of ToriBell here:
My Site:
Metal Ink:
Suicide Girls:
Model Mayhem:

Much loves!

Denie Wants You to Czech Her Out!

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Hello Ink Lovers!!!

I am really happy to be a part of Metal Ink‘s December Maiden of the Month contest.

Those contest pictures were taken by my friend Marco at MCK Photography. I went to Vienna to visit my friends a month ago, and while I was there we took these Metal Ink contest pictures. Because the weather was really nice, we decided to take some outside portraits:

In this entry I would like to tell you something about me. I was born and raised in the Czech republic, which lies in Central Europe. Actually the city I live in is the center of Europe. So do you know which one it is? I can’t complain about living here, it is nice city to live, but quite boring and stereotypical for me. The majority of people living here enjoy mainstream stuff, but I love to discover new and special things we can’t see on TV everyday, you know. People in Czech are still quite conservative about everything that is different in any way. Sometimes I see people literally starring at my piercings or my tats. I can say they are usually surprised but on the other hand you can feel when people are disgusted or indignant by your body mods. I usually don’t care what people think, but their expressions can make you sad from time to time. You probably know what I’m talking about. I just don’t think people should be that prejudiced. It’s just ink! It doesn’t make us worse or even better.

They usually think you are “junkie” or pretty strange. But if we were, we wouldn’t get tattooed, we would rather use money for drugs, wouldn’t we? For some people it can be fashion or whatnot. But not for me. I think ink makes us beautiful somehow, it’s art for me. Getting tattooed is a way to express my memories, feelings and thoughts. Most of my ink has a meaning. I’m gonna talk about two pieces. One of them is a horse with chicken legs. It’s a heart piece for me, the story behind is about my great-grandma. Unfortunately she is not with us anymore, but she passed away when she was 96 years old! She was a pretty happy person and a great story-teller. I could write tons of stories about her, but back to my tattoos. She used to tell a story how there was a horse-head with chicken legs going through their village at night and scared kids and even adults. Who knows if it is based on true story? 😀 I got my own horse tattooed, and it’s in memory of her.

I have some other ink on my knee, it’s a heart with roses around and lettering that says VEGAN.

This one is still in progress:

I have been a vegan for three years now. When I was younger I never thought about how food is produced and where we get it. I never connected my piece of meat with that chicken I saw. But then I got to watch documentaries and read books which made me think a lot…. And I said myself I don’t wanna be part of this anymore! I couldn’t imagine my table without meat a few years ago. But as long as I have started to cook, I see there is a possibility to eat well, deliciously and WITHOUT CRUELTY. I enjoy cooking way more now. There’s always something new I can try. One of the last recipes that made me excited was vegan homemade cheese. My Italian friend sent me this one, and I’d like to share it with you:


Delicate version:
50 gr. of tahini
3 full spoons of nutritional yeast
1 full spoon of soy cream
1 and a half teaspoon of rice miso
200 ml of soy milk (not flavoured)
2 teaspoons of agar agar (not full spoons)

Tasty version:
30 gr. of tahini
2 full spoons of nutritional yeast
1 and a half teaspoon of rice miso
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
2 pinches of ginger
2 full spoons of soy yogurt
1 teaspoon of agar agar (not full spoons)
125 ml of soy milk (not flavoured)

1. Mix all the ingredients except soy milk and agar agar in a bowl.
2. Mix the agar agar with soymilk, put it in a small pot and make it boil for a 1 minute, then turn off the gas and wait another minute. Now mix it with the other ingredients and blend it.
3. Take a cup or bowl and oil the inside of it and put the blended mix inside it. Wait for 6 to 8 hour and turn it upside down on a plate. Enjoy!

Another thing about veganism is I hold food way higher because you can’t just go to the supermarket and eat right after you buy it. In the Czech republic, there are still not so many varieties of vegan food as in the US or some of the European countries. But I’d say it’s increasing. And yeah when I want something, I have to prepare it myself or with my friends. And that’s another thing I like about it. It’s amazing to exchange recipes with your friends, or share happiness while baking cookies together, or when a new vegan restaurant opens in your town and you can spend nice evenings there with them. And of course it makes me to feel damn better to know I did something for animals.

What else to say about me? As everyone else I love music. Lately I have been enjoying all kinds of music. But I am pretty much into hardcore and metal (of course) in general. But I also like pop, classical music, rockabilly, hip-hop and even disco. What I enjoy (a lot!) is soundtracks. I watch movies a lot I try to watch at least one movie a day, before I go to bed, or at school on my iPod hehe. My faves are Scandinavian ones or those from South America. They are totally different and I can see how they live there and they usually film interesting topics. If you know any good ones, let me know, maybe I haven’t seen them yet! Ohhh and not to forget I love horror movies. 🙂

I started a 365 project with my friend Andrea more than 100 days ago, where I take pics everyday, and you can find them on my flickr account.

I’m a student, I attend postgraduate school, where I learn about graphic design and printing industry in general. I have also found a job in the same field, so I am pretty happy. I love to travel and learn new languages. My very fave city is Vienna. I would like to move there for a while. I also liked Berlin a lot, because people are different there. My next destinations are the Netherlands and Poland. And my big latest dream is to visit US next summer! Traveling is one of the reason I’m a part of the SG community. It’s a place where I can meet people with similar interests and I totally can learn something new from them. And it’s also why I signed up for Metal Ink‘s contest. I like the purpose of this site, how people can be creative here and show what they are good at. I can’t wait to talk with you and get to know about new things. So if you want, drop me a line, and don’t forget to vote for me in the December contest!

Denie Suicide

Sister Maggie Shows Us How It’s Done

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Why Metal Ink?

Because it matches my weekend bag.

Meet December Maiden, Sister Maggie.

From trashing hotel rooms to chugging champagne on the weekend, Sister Maggie will remind you what if feels like to be free.

“Tattoos have always been a time marker for me. I’m very impulsive with everything, so each tattoo commemorates an event or a feeling in my life… I travel a lot, and one of my favorite things to do is get tattooed while I’m on the road. I will always be reminded of where I came from, where I’ve been, and where I’m going next.”

“I love Metal Ink because they are pushing a lifestyle, not just a fashion statement. I’m always checking in on what they are turning out, and I am never disappointed!”

You’re right if think you’ve seen her somewhere before.

She models under the alias Doctor for Suicide Girls…
And hangs from hooks in her spare time all over the Midwest and East coast.

Masheti Gets All Dolled Up

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Hello everybody, my name is MashetiDoll and I am currently in Metal Ink’s contest for December Maiden of the Month. Here are some more sexy photos of me, MashetiDoll. In some I am wearing my Metal Ink gear, and in others, I decided to be generous since I am in the holiday spirit…Happy Holidays!

I am a model, new to the industry. I am in the process of sending in my photo set to SuicideGirls. My dream is to eventually move to California to pursue my modeling career. But for now, I camp out here in San Antonio, TX. I just got back from Mexico which is where my baby is, and in case you’re wondering…my baby is a big, beautiful Great Dane. She’s a blue and she’s my world. Her name is Psyche so you already know by that, I absolutely loooove dogs. I also love the beach, the ocean, the water–I swear, I was a fish in my past life…a sexy barracuda, lol. I love the great outdoors, being out at night w/ a sky full of stars. Just laying out & enjoying the view. I also love camping, hiking & fishing. Did I mention I love water???

I was so excited when I heard about this contest with Metal Ink. This was a calling for me. To be Metal Ink’s Maiden of the Month. I love everything about December. The cozy fires, cookies, hot chocolate w/ marshmallows (s’mores…mmmm), presents, pretty lights & pretty faces.

Shake That Thang!

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Lady Gamer joins us today with a fun interview about her passion for bellydancing! You won’t want to miss the video of her dancing at the end of the interview. Also rate Lady Gamer’s pictures on Metal Ink and see all the other October Maidens today! It’s a close race, but there’s still a few more days to get your votes in!

Lady Gamer for Metal Ink

MI: How long have you been dancing?

LG: I’ve been bellydancing for 7 years. I started when I was 16, but I’ve always danced. Since before I can remember, I have danced. I started with ballet as most young kids do and kind of worked my way up from there.

MI: What is bellydance, in your own words?

LG: Bellydance is a lot of different things. It was created many years ago and as with any folk dance, its roots are uncertain. There are many opinions though, as well as disputes! I think there’s a little bit of truth in them all, but I prefer to think about what bellydance is today. Today there’s a lot of different styles of bellydance. You’ve got your traditional styles, which is more what people think of when they hear the word “bellydance”, and you’ve got your modern, less traditional styles such as Tribal Fusion and Gothic Bellydance. I perform and teach Tribal Fusion, but I’ve studied many different styles. A teacher should stay open minded to them all.


MI: What is Tribal Fusion bellydance?

LG: Unlike more traditional styles of bellydance, Tribal Fusion gives you the opportunity to fuse many types of dance together. It originated from American Tribal style and grew in popularity at an amazing rate. It incorporates elements of popping & locking, hip-hop, breakdance, Egyptian and cabaret bellydance and often also draws from Flamenco, Kathak, Bhangra, Balinese, and other folkloric dance styles. Tribal Fusion can be dark and earthy or light and bouncy…with me, usually it just depends on my mood.


MI: Why did you choose bellydance, or did it choose you?

LG: I’m going to get a little emotional, but that’s a good question. When I was growing up, I always had a problem with my self-esteem and body image. When I began bellydancing during high school I had no idea about the huge effect it would have on me in the future. Bellydance helped me feel great about my body. Instead of putting you down for your weight like I experienced with ballet, bellydance embraces all body types. This really boosted my confidence. I was such a shy child and now I perform on a daily basis and teach my own classes! I can for sure say that bellydance had a positive impact on me. The skill, concentration, and muscle control it takes to bellydance has given me something great to work towards and seeing your own improvement from month to month is gratifying. You really feel great about your achievements. Another awesome thing about bellydance is that the older you get, the better your skill becomes! Your career could last as long as you want it to because bellydance is so wonderful for your body.

MI: Thanks for sharing your inspiring story! Btw, really loved the video clip–your dancing is so sinuous and beautiful!

Bellydance video

If you want to learn more about bellydance, please visit these links!
Lady Gamer’s website:
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